Top 10 travel tips

Top Ten Travel Tips:

1. Contact your bank and let them realize you are leaving the nation. You don't need them stopped your bank card when you are attempting to pull back cash from an outside ATM

2. In case you're traveling with your family, leasing a condo is a good thought. Thusly you will have your very own kitchen and more space, which may mean less pressure

3. Before you land at your goal, make a point to book your first night ahead of time

4. When you are out touring, don't bring all your cash, identification and resources with you. Leave it back at the lodging and take simply enough cash for the afternoon

5. In case you're leasing a vehicle, you may require an International Driving Permit in specific nations

6. It's a smart thought to make photocopies of significant travel archives and to have contact telephone numbers for things like your charge cards or bank

7. Check your portable supplier about what international calling and information plan is best for you. You would prefer not to return home with an unforeseen robust telephone bill. Contingent upon to what extent you are away for, you might need to get a neighborhood SIM Card, so you can make nearby calls at lower rates

8. When you are in a nation where English may not be the main language, attempt to become familiar with a couple essentially expresses

9. Make a point to have travel protection before you leave. No one can really tell what could occur and it's smarter to be protected then grieved

10. Ensure that your identification has in any event a half year left on it till it lapses

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     Basically Few parameters are also required

  1. go where you want to go and not where its cheap. i’m going on my 4th trip to germany. you couldn’t pay me to go to scandinavia.
  2. check average temperatures on wikipwdia. germany is on the same latitude as alberta. canada. or 60 degrees in June which surprised me. or check on the universal packing list.
  3. pack 4 tops and 4 bottoms that all go together for 16 outfits. add a matching cardigan and sweater.
  4. bring a dickies thermal hoodie as a 3 season coat. its a blankie.pillow and room darkener when put it over your face. perfectly small size for packing.
  5. pack your oldest. holiest dead elastic undies and toss. however only bring perfect socks to avoid blisters.
  6. bring a baseball cap or broad brimmed hat as shade from the sun.
  7. don't wear flip flops as shoes. they don't support your feet.I only wear the dark souled new Balance sneakersheet that my physical therapist recommended.I do bring croc Mary janes as slippers. pool. shoes and dressier shoes in a pinch.
  8. I don't bring dress clothes because I never wore them.
  9. shop Dollar tree for bandaid.anti allergy. anti diarrhea. salve. nighttime cold medicine aka benadryl. the medicine is stronger. cheaper ernie and who wants to waste vacation time at the pharmacy.
  10. I bring dried fruit. jerky. nuts and bring an empty water bottle to refill for on the plane. as midnight and otherwise snack whem im hungry at 2 am. eat lunch out its cheaper. shop for groceries for supper. consider your lodging. coffee shop and mcdonalds breakfast.
  11. eat and sleep cheap. you're there to see the sites. I stay at hostels.
  12. travel shoulder season like September when it's still warm enough to swim. days are long. summer vacation is over and everything is back open. kids are back in school. lines and shorter. purchases can be cheaper. you don't have to carry a coat or die in the heat.