Become rich as a digital nomad


Sure, but only if you do certain things. The easiest way to do this is:

  • To get a job
  • Get good at it for 5–10 + years
  • Then ask your boss if you can be a digital nomad. If you have shown you are self-motivated by working from home before, they might accept
  • Or start your own business. You just don’t have a permanent address.
  • Also have investments for a second source of income.

As wifi is good in most countries now, you can become wealthy living such a lifestyle.

What’s the difference, in fact, between getting wealthy living at home, overseas and `on the road`.

The same business and investing principles apply. You have just got to make sure that you:

  • Keep costs down
  • Don’t become unmotivated. So many people say `I would love to work remotely`. Then they can’t motivate themselves to work from work. They can’t focus.

Also, making money from purely being a digital nomad is much harder.

So many people are trying to blog about being a digital nomad. Or write a book or make articles.

That may make you hundreds, or even $1,000+, of passive income a month, if you promote it.

It is a competitive field though, and much harder than monetizing something you are already qualified in.

Alternatively, millions of people already have home-based online businesses which have been going for years.

For those people, all they need to do is work remotely.